With a low-cost DewStop fan switch, your bathroom fan changes from ordinary to intelligent - make your fan a smart fan!

DewStop has taken its patent pending technology and packaged it into a single fan switch anyone can install! The DewStop switch allows you to simply connect your existing or new bathroom fan to the DewStop switch.

If DewStop senses the presence of rising condensation levels, it will automatically turn on the fan and keep it on until the condensation is no longer a concern and your room is dry. You can also manually turn it on/off when needed, or rely on the DewStop sensor to do the job.

Controlling condensation helps minimize damage to walls and household goods, and lessen or stop the development of mold.
• Fan turns off when condensation is no longer present on the walls
• Manual on/off light control
• Manual on/off fan control included
• Saves energy
• Low maintenance
• Long product life
• Use with your existing fan and lights

We've seen some elaborate products requiring you to install a brand new ventilation system but the DewStop switch seems like an economical choice for smart ventilation and saving energy.