Little Resolutions That Will Save You Big Bucks

Forget getting in shape or learning to make compound miter cuts - nothing beats a New Year's resolution that puts more money in your pocket. Here are 30 wallet-fattening changes to make for 2014.

...You can install a condensation- and humidity-sensing switch (DewStop) that'll turn on he fan automatically when the air gets steamy from showers and then shut it off, once the air is clear. It's compatible with any exhaust fan, but this gadget's auto sensor may work better in smaller bathrooms where the switch is close to the shower. THE PAYOFF: You could postpone the need to hire a painter to kill mildew and repaint the bathroom, easily a $500-plus job. Or, if you tend to leave your manual switch on overly long, you could save $90 in annual heating and cooling costs.